Our Mission

Self-Care For Advocates is dedicated to promoting self-care and preventing work-related stress, trauma, and exhaustion conditions among anti-violence advocates.

Why Self-Care For Advocates?

We’ve been where you are. Self-Care For Advocates is an organization created by advocates for advocates. We offer innovative prevention and intervention programs grounded in multidisciplinary research and informed by direct experience on the front lines of anti-violence and social justice movements.

Explore Science-Based Solutions to Burnout

Solutions to burnout and STS should have the science to back them up. All of our resources, tools, and services are thoroughly researched and evaluated. We draw from the best available evidence in areas of clinical neuroscience, health psychology, organizational behavior, social work, and related fields to bring you cutting-edge self-care and organizational care solutions.

A Comprehensive Support and Services

Preventing and treating burnout, STS, and compassion fatigue requires a comprehensive, multi-level approach. We offer programs and services for both individual advocates as well as teams and organizations. Our services are built to address the multi-faceted personal and professional issues that often drive these problems in our field.

Make Self-Care A Social Experience

Self-care only works when you have a community of support to back you up. Our online community is made up of thousands of advocates just like you from around the world who are committed to sharing resources, providing positive support and feedback, and discussing their own experiences with burnout, traumatic-stress, and compassion fatigue.

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