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Learn about burnout, work-related stress conditions, and self-care- from resources created by SCFA and other trusted organizations.


Broke and Burnt Out

Findings from the 2021
SCFA National Advocate Needs Assessment

Burnout vs. Depression

How To Tell the Difference

How Trauma Changes the Brain

Trauma and Self-Care

The Cure for Burnout


5 Ways We Can Start Decolonizing Asian-Originated Self-Care Practices

The recent killings of six Asian American women in Atlanta, GA are just one example of a wave of increased hate violence against Asian Americans …

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Why Advocates Need To Get Mad!

Getting angry about the state of our field is critical if we ever hope to change it. We know we deserve better. It’s time we …

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Wildfires and Faith: Dearhearts and Fire Poppies

Click to see the original post or to learn more about Andrea Fire poppies are a symbol of resilience. In the aftermath of trauma, advocates …

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Economic Justice and Domestic Violence Advisory Council Recommendations:
Advocate Compensation

Resources List by Trace Trice

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