Kyle Kleisinger

Director of

About Kyle

Kyle has worked in the fields of mental health and victim advocacy since 2010. After several years of working in direct services with survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, human trafficking, and hate crimes, he decided he needed a change. Although his undergraduate studies through the University of Kentucky were in psychology and international relations, he shifted gears and taught himself computer science and advanced mathematics. As a software developer and data scientist, he applies his background in mental health and violence prevention to areas of clinical research, public health, and neuroscience research studies. Throughout his career, he has worked on several major pilot projects including Green Dots Across the Bluegrass, the Domestic Violence and Child Welfare Connection Program, the Safe and Supported LGBTQ+ Victim Outreach Program, and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Dept. of Behavioral and Developmental Neuropsychiatry Data Integration Project. Kyle has a special interest in leveraging the power of data and information technology to improve violence prevention and mental health promotion efforts. He also uses his background in information security and working with domestic violence survivors to consult on issues of high-tech stalking and digital safety planning. He is prone to “Jimmy Neutron brain blasts” and occasionally needs to be reminded that this meeting was supposed to end 15 minutes ago.